Angel Kisses

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

American Girl Giveaway!

Do you love dolls?  I do!!  Especially American Girl dolls.  Mommy Katie is giving away Marie-Grace, one of the new historical characters from AG.  Even if dolls aren't your thing, you should still check out this wonderful blog.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading several of her posts.  And she offers fabulous things in her giveaways!  What are you waiting on?  Go check her out!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi, Friends!!

Do you believe in karma?  I do.  I seriously believe that how you treat someone comes back around to you.  So if you help someone simply because you can, in one way or another, your life will be blessed.  With that in mind, please check out this GiveForward site and help this young lady out, if at all possible.  Your help will be very much appreciated.  Thanks for contributing in any way you can.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, Brooklyn!

I've been collecting American Girl dolls for a little while now, and my great-niece has a couple of them, too (at this time I have 19).  When my mother died, I ended up with her car, which she had piled a bunch of her clothes into.  I didn't want to throw all these things out, since some were brand new with tags, but I didn't want them for myself.  I've been going through them to see which ones I can use to make doll clothes, as I have lots of patterns for 18" dolls.  I found a t-shirt in the prettiest shade of green, and I used my Heritage Ruffled T-Shirt Dress pattern from Liberty Jane to make this cute little dress for Brooklyn.  I ordered her a pair of lime green high top cons to go with it.  So cute!!  I forgot to put the shoes on my Nellie while she was so politely modeling the dress for me.  But that's okay, since she loves boots!  LOL!! 

That's our lovely Daisy checking Nellie out.